Outdoor Media Promotions

By: Rozanne Muriel


In a world full of competitive businesses, one must take all the necessary steps to be constantly seen and heard by the buying public. We are always in search of marketing recall strategies for our company or brand and coming up with ways to attract the consumers’ attention.


It is one thing for your business’ location to be tactically placed; a corner lot, a commercial center in a business district, a populous area in town or inside a mall. It’s another to be completely noticed to a point where you can lure many customers in. In this case, one can employ outdoor media promotions as another technique in getting brand recognition and increasing customer base.


The use of inflatable advertising products has become a commonplace in the last decade because of how effective it is in bringing people in. A family cruising by in their car can just as easily miss an all-out sale your store is throwing or a new shop you’ve just opened, but they are likely to be attracted to your giant inflatable balloons dancing in the air with your company name or message. The kids alone are enough to get families to stop by for a photo. Couple that with blasting music and people are surely going to turn their heads, at the very least.


If you’re in the San Diego, Imperial, Alpine, Orange, San Bernardino, El Cajon and, surrounding areas within 100 miles from their warehouse in Alpine, you can get the services of Rock Rental Company. They specialize in inflatable rentals of various types and functions which they can deliver right at your doorstep.  


Their outdoor media promotions consist of different designs. They have a giant balloon where you can blast the message across, such as when you have a huge sale coming up. The giant red tag can easily attract passersby because of how huge and striking the balloon color is. If your goal is to catch the kids’ and adult’s attention alike, you can’t go wrong with sky dancers. Towering high and swaying endlessly in the sky, preferably to the tune of the latest dance craze, you are sure to bring the house down. Personally, I like to have at least two on both sides of my house. It is entertaining and stress relieving, just watching them dance in different directions. Rock Rental also has a giant blue gorilla which is equally eye-catching, giving the kids quite a bit of a scare from afar, but just as effective in capturing the interest of walk-in customers and entertaining people around. My most favorite of all is the giant Santa Claus. It is 20’ tall and 12’ wide so you can’t miss it. It’s certain to lift the holiday spirit and it’s a nice touch to your store’s holiday sale or even company or business events.


These inflatables may be targeted for outdoor media promotions but that should not stop you from renting it for your own personal use, like when you want to make your birthday or company parties, family reunions and school events extra special.  Feel free to check out the pricing and availability of these rentals at and be amazed with their other inflatable options.


Partying with Mechanical Bulls
By: Rozanne Muriel


If you ever want to put a crazier spin to your usual birthday party or company event, renting a mobile mechanical bull may just be the best idea for you and your guests. This equipment surely delivers the entertainment while keeping the adrenaline of its riders and audience rushing the whole time. 


There’s something about the thrill of not knowing where the bull might take you and how your body will react and move accordingly. It’s the unpredictability and the challenge to keep up with the ever-changing directions and speed levels of the machine that holds our breath as we either take a spin ourselves or simply watch our friends scream on this amusement ride.  We no longer have to settle with watching cowboys and cowgirls participate in rodeos to know how it feels.  This riding simulator will allow us to experience bull riding and bucking horses with all its endless possibilities. Since mechanical bulls are essentially used for rodeo training, one can also use this as their training device before they get on live animals and play the actual sport, if they ever want to pursue it.


Mechanical bulls will most likely be the center of your party. Of course, the first concern is always the rider’s safety, especially if they are children. Mechanical bulls are now usually set up with an inflatable device such as a bounce house to minimize the chances of being seriously injured when the rider is accidentally thrown off. When it’s set up in bars or restaurants, establishments also install padded flooring. 


If you are in the San Diego, Imperial, Alpine, Orange, San Bernardino, El Cajon and, surrounding areas, Rock Rentals is your best bet if you want to experience fun and safe mechanical bulls on inflatables. This service of theirs comes with an adult staff that will ensure customers’ safety while using the equipment. The operator takes control of the motor – they adjust the speed, change the directions and operations and perform a quick stop when things get a little out of hand for the rider.


Rock Rental is also different from its local competitors because of the separate controlling options for the bulls. This means the operator can just buck the bull and not spin or just spin with a fast or slow buck. This method is unlike other machines that have predictable movements like simply spinning left and right and the up and down motions. Mechanical bulls are not fun unless they are dynamic and unpredictable. This feature adds to the intensity of the challenge. We like feeling the suspense of holding on to the saddle and gliding our body to the sudden jolts and spins. We get carried away as the machine abruptly moves from one direction to the next. We share a laugh or two as we nearly get thrown off the bull and our hearts pound violently when we finally do.


Next time you want to plan a party, consider getting a mechanical bull. Your friends will love you for it and you won’t regret it. If you are in the San Diego area, look for Rock Rental, They have amazing mechanical bulls, plus so much more, that will surely put more spin on your typical parties.



Bring Back FUN in School Parties

By: Rozanne Muriel



In this age of technology, where almost everyone’s source of entertainment and happiness lies in their beloved gizmos and gadgets, getting people on their feet to perform physical activities such as sports, exercise and outdoor adventures seem like a tedious task that no one has the time for anymore. Young people have contented themselves with building their online presence; socializing has indeed become limited to the confines of the world wide web.



The same can be said for most school setups. Kids as early as in grade school or middle school constantly have their smartphones close at hand as soon as they are outside of the classroom. Friends gather for some after school drinks or snacks but can hardly keep their eyes off their Facebook feed or Instagram photos. Even during what are supposedly fun school events like Halloween and Christmas parties, fall festivals, high school prom, and 10th-year reunions, people are still glued to their devices. They attempt to capture the fun through taking pictures but end up achieving the opposite because they have lost the moments as they happened. Rarely do I see people literally getting on their feet to jump up and down, dance, laugh out loud, sweat out, have genuine interactions with people around and truly enjoy the company of their schoolmates, friends and loved ones. It is plain old having FUN.



So, when I think about festivals and school fairs, I imagine the old school festivities like a day full of games set up in various student booths, a carnival with magic shows and rides, circus and performances, the whole nine yards. This defines the real, traditional fun and enjoyment for me. Now, if I want to take this up a notch and keep up with the times, there is a whole array of options available at Rock Rentals to shake up your typical school events and cater to all sorts of fun loving, adventurous people around.



If you are in the San Diego area and planning for a school affair, you have to ring up Rock Rentals and consider their services, be it for a huge occasion like school parades or a small barbeque with few guests. They can provide the best inflatables – rock walls, water slides, sports games and so much more. These are sure-fire ways to add a kick to the usual party ideas that have someone lost their touch to the technology-driven young adults. Children of all ages will always find trampolines a terrific way to burn their seemingly limitless source of energy. Bounce houses and inflatable interactives will definitely keep grade school students entertained for hours on end. Water attractions, inflatable slides, and obstacle courses will add more variety to most summer school events and activities for middle-school. For the more sporty types and older kids, the rock climbing walls and mechanical bulls will surely keep their eyes off their phones for a good amount of time. Head on over to their website,, to know more about the products and services that they offer.



Rock Rental delivers to the majority of San Diego, Imperial, Alpine, Orange, San Bernardino, El Cajon and surrounding areas within 100 miles of their warehouse in Alpine. You can call them up for quotations, especially if you live farther. They also set up the equipment for you, and for some products like a rock wall, Quad Pod, and a mechanical bull, they come with an adult staff to supervise.




Planning and Hosting a Worry-free Party

By: Rozanne Muriel



For a party planning novice such as myself, the task of putting together a successful kiddie, adult or company party is always a stressful one. In a perfect world, I would simply be waiting for the day of the event and be watching as everyone experiences the best time of their lives. This is hardly the case, and oftentimes, the preparation feels more like a burden. We have been mentally and physically exhausted enough and enjoying the party that we ourselves have organized is something we are already willing to give up.



For one, I am always left scratching my head about party themes and ideas. There is a ton of variety for children; but even so, keeping to the theme and maintaining a high level of energy and interest is a big challenge. Adults are also hard to please – everyone is looking for better (or crazier) ways to be entertained. So, wouldn’t it be nice to have majority of the tasks taken care of by someone else, so you can grab yourself some food and drinks and have a real, sit-down conversation with a friend, instead of having to run back and forth to check up on all your guests to see if they are still having fun? It certainly would. And while we’re at it, it would be equally cool if we could leave the creatives and entertainment to the hands of those who can actually handle it.



I chanced upon Rock Rentals online while Googling party games and activities, and I was blown away. No, they are not a party organizer per se. But they sure have a lot of products and services up their sleeves that would surely unburden you of all your party woes. The good news is they can cater to all age groups and various types of events. Whether you’re planning for your 7-year old Disney Princess themed party, or scoping for outdoor summer activities for your high school kids, or even if you’re looking for interactive and physical games for your office mates during your team building event, this company has got you covered. All it takes is for you to book them in and they will deliver the fun at your doorstep.



I can imagine how much the bounce house or the inflatable slides would be a hit with boys and girls alike. Kids have an unlimited supply of energy and adrenaline. I remember when my son played in a bounce house inside a mall. He was begging to extend the one hour we rented because he had already made a lot of new friends and he still could not get enough. We ended up dragging him out because he would not let up.



Adults will surely enjoy the rock climbing walls, especially for the sporty type. The mechanical bulls are always a source of endless laughter, for both young and old. I can see my workmates bonding over the obstacle course or inflatable sports game, instead of our usual improvised parlor activities and old board games. The water attractions such as the dunk tank, inflatable water slides, and walking balls would certainly take our simple summer pool outings up a notch.



Whether you rent a single bouncer or combine two to three of Rock Rental’s services, you are guaranteed to turn your simple, hard to pull off party into a stress-free, memorable one. All you need to care for are the food and drinks. Throw in your party invitations and reservations and you should be good to go. You can surely see yourself sitting back, relaxing, and actually having fun yourself, not just your guests. Yes, such is a possibility. Head on over to and get your party started!




By: Rozanne Muriel


Ask moms what the most stressful life events they’ve had to go through as mothers are and you will see 1) illnesses and hospitalization 2) school send-off, and 3) international travels up there on the list. I’d say, party planning is not so far behind as it is just as mentally and physically exhausting, especially when you are single-handedly managing all the preparation. Which is almost always the case, right? 

I have not had to plan an outlandish children's party myself; my budget would not allow for hotel accommodations, amusement theme parks and out of town trips for my guests, but let me tell you, the struggle to tick off all the logistics and churn out a social media post-worthy and successful party is almost the same. There are too many expectations to consider, and one has to start thinking: what is the real purpose of it all?

 Clearly, the answer for me is simple: to build lasting memories my children can look back to as they get older. Both my children enjoy scrolling through their old photos, projected on TV, and laughing about them. My daughter makes it her downtime hobby when she is done watching her favorite YouTube videos or Sofia the First. My son teases his sister about her funny and candid facial expressions, which then usually ends up in crying and endless fighting. They especially like watching videos of their baptism and birthday celebrations because this is when they get to relive the fun and excitement that they either have no memory of or won’t get to have until the next big event comes. Needless to say, children feel the most important during these special events. We cater to (almost) all of their demands: party theme, venue, games, activities, guest list and of course, their gifts. They are the center of attention - everyone screams their name in some sort of a parlor game. It is their day indeed, and in a way, they get to live their fantasy world, if only for a few hours. It is because of these reasons that I feel pressured to make their birthdays the most memorable time of their lives. At least for the time being. 

As mentioned, I do not necessarily go all out with party planning and I avoid giving in to all my kids’ requests. There is no way I am booking in a hotel function area and invite YouTube celebrities with 200 guests and sponsored food carts and party favors for my four-year-old girl who clearly has no idea this would cause her parents an arm and a leg. Both my kids celebrated their christening and 1st birthday parties on the same day, and they were both set up at home. This did not diminish the fun one bit, in my opinion. What the heck, these celebrations are more for the adults than for the children anyway. One-year-old babies will not actually be in the moment as it happens. Children that young will not remember. They will only get to know about it when they are old enough to see the photos and videos. Until then, the demands and expectations are not so out of this world yet. Having said that, the older kids do benefit from the games, magic shows, and prizes. For the little ones, it was more of a visual or audio delight. For the adults, it usually serves as a get together with old and new friends, family and neighbors, with an excuse to drink and be merry for good measure.
So on to keeping it fun, simple and memorable. My son's first birthday was Winnie the Pooh themed while my daughter's was Lalaloopsy. We tried to keep everything to the theme, from house decorations to party cups and plates, to loot bags, and cupcakes - you know the drill. I did my best - I guess I spent almost two months digging Pinterest for cute (and unachievable) party ideas and went to various thrift stores for inexpensive prizes and giveaways. I contacted baker friends who could create the best Lalaloopsy inspired pastries and took advantage of their friendly discounts. I went nuts looking for the best costumes (getting my one-year-old to look like a rag doll was no easy feat). I picked the prizes and giveaways deliberately because they just had to go with the theme; otherwise, the OC side of me will freak out. I designed personalized thank you cards. I made sure every minute detail was taken care of. This honestly kept me up at night and turned me into the party planner version of a bridezilla.

And yes, disasters happened. The Winnie the Pooh mascot got lost on his way, causing a delay in the program, my son was super fussy and eventually slept through more than half of his own party; my baker seemed to have rushed baking the birthday cake, cupcakes and lolly cakes because the Lalaloopsies turned out looking dull and creepy, and some of the guests we were expecting did not arrive any more. This list does not include the hardship we went through preparing all the food from scratch, doing a general cleaning of the whole house, and managing the entire party place with twenty rowdy kids running around, spilling drinks and knocking over furniture all around. It is four to five hours of trying to keep everything together with that barely there smile on your face as you hop from one table to another, answering questions about your kids and sharing their funny stories and milestones. It is what it is. Party planning, and hosting, is an invitation to stress and pressure. The result is always rewarding, though. Laughter fills the place, there is great food everywhere, kids are amazed by their curated loot bags and music plays on till after dark. Good memories are again made.

At the end of the party, when we are starting to pick up the mess, the real, sincere smile starts to form on my face. My kids are exhausted, but they still have a tiny bit of energy to open their gifts and play with them. They rejoice as they find one that they particularly like. When they are up for it, they give me a hug and a kiss, and the sweetest “Thank you, mommy” a kid could mutter. It is then that you know - it is worth it.

Will I go through the same hassles again next year? My partner and I would always say nope, let us just rent a place and have food catered and rent all the party equipment that we would need. It will cost us more, but this will surely save our sanity. To be honest, I am not averse to the idea at all. Finances have kept us from going that route. But who knows, it just might be the best choice for our next big event, like my daughter’s 7th birthday or my son’s grade school graduation. 

In this day and age, when technology continues to outdo the latest forms of entertainment, it’s hard to determine what will make a party a hit to our hard to please little ones. Party rentals and event organizers can do all the thinking and doing for you. It might be worth a shot as I am already running out of ideas, and patience, when it comes to pleasing my own children. Next time around, I just want to be able to sit around and watch over them, without having to worry whether they and the guests are still entertained or not. That shouldn’t be so hard to do, right?








Why Climbing is the Perfect Activity for Your Kids

By: Casey Cadwell


 As you probably know children have an abundance of energy.  When they are having fun they can go all out.  Why not take that energy and direct it to both fun and exercise.  Rock Rental, LLC provides the fun tool, the mobile rock climbing wall, to accomplish exercise and fun.    


Climbing teaches the participant skills like applying the combination of quick decision making with timely physical movements.


Ascending a climbing route for the little ones requires new found confidence and the application of constant decision making so hopefully, they can get to the top of the rock wall.  Quickly they have to decide where to go and how best to get there. Over and over again. Learning to solve problems, thinking for themselves and making smart decisions are taught skill sets desperately lacking in today’s educational environment.  At school, the focus is on memorizing and reciting for testing purposes.


Hanging from the wall is a constant real-life, real-time lesson in thinking for themselves, reacting quickly and learning immediately the consequences of their decisions. Climbing creates an adrenaline rush, where instant feedback is given for every decision or indecision they make on the wall.

It creates confidence and the ability to adapt and overcome difficult circumstances.


Overcoming fear is a life skill integral to success. Whether it’s fear of the unknown, fear of getting started or fear of failure, all successful adults learn as kids that you must be courageous, bold and daring to make something of yourself in this world. Kids should leave their comfort zones and confront their fears while building a mindset of, “I can do this”. Ascending the wall and rising above the ground is a great reward for taking a chance, overcoming nerves, and escaping the dreaded “comfort zone”.


Rock climbing promotes healthy life choices.


Ever seen an obese rock climber? Ever encountered a two-pack-a-day smoker at the climbing wall? Well, it is not a common sight. Rock climbing loves agility, flexibility, muscular strength and muscular endurance. It hates obesity, laziness and, weakness. Climbers are typically healthy eaters and cross-train in all sorts of other activities—from cycling and yoga to dancing and surfing. To be a successful climber, you’ve got to eat well, drink lots of fresh water and build a long, lean muscular body. Being fit and strong goes a long way to be able to climb a rock wall. Getting your kids climbing will give them a reason to trade sugary soda drinks for fresh water and the cell phone game for a strenuous walk through the country. Parents must realize and promote the importance of healthy activities and the rock wall is one great choice the kids will love!


Rock climbing is an adventure sport that can be learned at relatively low risk in highly controlled environments.


For better or worse, climbing has a reputation as an extreme sport. While that’s certainly true of the sport’s elite professionals, most climbing is as safe as jogging a lap around the track. Beginner climbers learn on a top rope (the rope is run through an anchor above the route of ascent). Falling on a top rope has basically zero consequences when using the correct anchors and belaying techniques; the length of the fall is roughly equal to the dynamic give of the rope and the climber’s weight—or, practically speaking, a few millimeters. Biking, football, roller skating, surfing, etc. are all far more dangerous than rock climbing. In my younger years, I had fun in all those sports, and climbing has always been the easiest to teach and fast to learn. This makes climbing truly unique in the adventure sports world—you can learn the ropes (pun intended) without risking major injury.


It teaches discipline and focus.


Climbing is an excellent way to impart the basics of discipline because it requires focus and discipline to succeed. There’s no multitasking or messing around when you’re climbing a vertical rock face. Your kids will quickly learn that climbing takes their full undivided attention. No matter what’s going on around them, astute focus on the task at hand and the discipline to see it through is thrust on them from the very moment they plant their first foothold. Those that lack the ability to pay attention will learn that it can be overcome when they find themselves hanging 10 feet off the ground and gravity in full force.


And it teaches lifelong outdoor skills like knot tying, route finding, coiling ropes, rappelling, etc.


Rock climbing’s hard skills are applicable across the spectrum of outdoor sports. Knot tying, along with analysis of terrain and weather, lays the foundation of an outdoor education. Learning to read vertical rock makes basic route finding all the easier. Anchor building and rappelling are critical rescue skills. Your kids may gravitate to back-packing, skiing or sailing in their later years, but when their skill set begins with rock climbing it’ll remain with them for a lifetime.


It’s affordable.


Introducing the child’s birthday party or classroom of children to a mobile rock climbing wall in the afternoon can be had at a bargain price.  Our portable rock walls average $200 per hour with a two-hour minimum.  We bring the party (rock wall) to you.  We are fully insured and provide a professional staff member. One of the comments we hear often is from the parents.  They realize that their kids break through their fear of heights.  It may take an hour or two but eventually, the kids ascend the wall and some make it to the top.  This experience is a first for many and for some is a lifelong memory.  


Climbing provides a healthy dose of humility.


Yes, I like probably you, shower my children with love, attention and positive reinforcement. However, it’s critical to their character development that occasionally they fall on their butt. So much of climbing is falling, failing and learning to persevere. It’s important to show your kids how powerful Mother Nature can be.  That summiting even a short 20-foot rock outcropping can take every ounce of mental and physical ability they have—and that at some point in life we’ll all be humbled before Her power. But learning to persevere in the face of failure is a life lesson that will pay for itself over and over again, long past the day your kids start having kids.


The bottom line: Climbing is “super fun.”


To wrap it up, I conducted exhaustive research straight from many that have climbed our rock walls.  I hear over and over when asked,  “what do you like about climbing”. The common answer summed up is, “It’s scary yet super fun! ”  This response always makes my day.  


So there you have it. You may not care about the healthy lifestyle climbing promotes or all the intangibles your kids will learn from it, but you can’t deny that being a kid ought to be fun, and climbing is super fun. So seize the day before it is too late and go have a good time with your child (while they are still young enough to want to have fun with you).  You will regret if you don’t!


Learn all the skills you need to get out climbing with Rock Rental, LLC mobile climbing rock walls and other fun outdoor equipment.   

Call Rock Rental at (619) 800-8881 to get a quote or book online!